November 22, 2018

Volunteers and Donations

The two tournaments we are hosting are fast approaching with the Pioneer Kickoff Classic on December 9th and the Joe Tholl Sr Elite Invitational on December 16th. These tournaments serve as our fundraisers with the goal of raising enough funds to replace the old vinyl mats we use in the gym with modern lightweight ones. I'm pretty sure you've seen those mats and our struggle to keep them flat and together during practice but more annoyingly to roll them up after practice! In addition to volunteering time at the tournaments, we are asking each family to donate a vending sized goods such as soda cans (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, 7up), Gatorade, water bottles, bags of chips, and candy to be sold in our concession stands. We need volunteers for the following:

  • tournament set-up - occurs the night before and helps roll out mats, set up scorer tables, chairs, etc

  • calligraphy - occurs during the tournament and assists in filling out bracket boards to be given to the winners; requires good penmanship

  • time keepers - occurs during the tournament and starts and stops clock during matches

  • concessions - occurs before and during the tournament and involves preparing food (hot dogs, chips, etc), taking orders, working register

  • front gate - occurs before and during the tournament and handles spectator fee payments, and signing in coaches

  • security - occurs during the tournament and makes sure that mat area is clear of spectators as to not block the view of the audience

  • head table - occurs during the tournament and assists in completion of bracket boards, keeping track of which wrestlers have won/loss for tournament progression, and passing out trophies

  • scorer's table - occurs during the tournament and keeps score of matches

  • tournament take-down - occurs immediately after the tournament and helps to roll-up mats, break down tables, and clean up gym

Next week at practice we will have a sign-up sheet where you can indicate where you would like to volunteer for both tournaments. You can also start bringing in your donated goods.