December 10, 2018

2018 Pioneer Kickoff Classic - RESULTS

Thank you very much to all the parents who volunteered to make this a successful tournament. Your time and hard work are greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the family members who came out to support their wrestlers. They might not say it now but they'll be thankful for it in the future.

We had some absolutely awesome matches. We saw it all...quick pins, slow pins, uncalled pins, nail biters, back and forth battles, tech falls, comebacks...everything. It was great. We made some mistakes, made some improvements, but more importantly gained some experience. Special recognition to our pinners: Drake (1), Nore (1), and AJ (2). All the kids wrestled hard and made us proud.

Nicholas Baniewicz - 3rd Place

Matthew Duda

Rocco Endemann - 4th Place

Nore Figueroa - 3rd Place (1 pin)

Sophia Figueroa

Henry Gralewski - 3rd Place

Lucas Hill - 4th Place

Brady Hoenig

Riley Hoenig - 2nd Place

Sam Jaunich

Gavin Marlow - 4th Place

Stephen Rinaldi - 2nd Place

Anthony Rocush - 5th Place (2 pins)

Mila Rocush

Charlie Schoenemann - 2nd Place

Noah Sims

Michael Stefancic - 3rd Place

Abdallah Sweis - 3rd Place

Drake Ulaszek - 2nd Place (1 pin)

Jordan Ulaszek - 3rd Place

Blake Zaragoza - 3rd Place

Caleb Zaragoza - 2nd Place