December 13, 2018

Volunteers Still Needed For This Weekend's Joe Tholl Sr Invitational

Parents, we still need volunteers for this weekend's Joe Tholl Sr Invitational. We will have a sign up sheet at practice tonight. We can't emphasize enough how important your participation is in these events. Those of you that were there saw the scale of the Pioneer Kickoff Classic and how successful it was. That is in part due to your time and efforts. This week will be no different but we need your help again. This weekend's proceeds should complete our fundraising goal, allowing us to purchase at least 1600 sq ft of new lightweight mats for the gym. Please volunteer and bring your wrestler with. It will be a good opportunity for our young squad to see elite wrestlers, previous state qualifiers, and former state champs competing against one another in a true varsity tournament.  

For those of you who are volunteering with the set-up, we will be meeting at Shepard High School at 4pm on Saturday.

We need volunteers to:

  • tournament set-up - occurs the night before and helps roll out mats, set up scorer tables, chairs, etc

  • calligraphy - occurs during the tournament and assists in filling out bracket boards to be given to the winners; requires good penmanship. Due to the individual uniqueness of a person's penmanship, whoever starts the bracket board needs to finish it to avoid any variations in the writing.

  • time keepers - occurs during the tournament and starts and stops clock during matches

  • concessions - occurs before and during the tournament and involves preparing food (hot dogs, chips, etc), taking orders, working register

  • front gate - occurs before and during the tournament and handles spectator fee payments, and signing in coaches

  • security - occurs during the tournament and makes sure that mat area is clear of spectators as to not block the view of the audience

  • head table - occurs during the tournament and assists in completion of bracket boards, keeping track of which wrestlers have won/loss for tournament progression, and passing out trophies

  • scorer's table - occurs during the tournament and keeps score of matches

  • tournament take-down - occurs immediately after the tournament and helps to roll-up mats, break down tables, and clean up gym