January 02, 2019

2018 Naperville WC IKWF Tournament - RESULTS

We had a good turnout this past Sunday, 12/30/18, at the tournament in Naperville. Our team got some wins, got a pin (Charlie) and, for the first time this season, saw one of our wrestlers take 1st place (Abdallah). Abdallah won his bracket by winning two high scoring matches by a combined 4 pts. We are starting to see more and more placements in these tournaments which is evidence of the hard work the kids are putting forth in practice.

Ally Atzman - 4th place

Riley Atzman - 4th place

Nick Baniewicz - 3rd place

Matt Duda - 6th place

Nore Figueroa - 4th place

Sophia Figueroa - 6th place

Lucas Hill - 4th place

Gavin Marlow - 6th place

Charlie Schoenemann - 2nd place

Mike Stefancic - 4th place

Abdallah Sweis - 1st place

Drake Ulaszek - 2nd place

Mike Wreczycki