January 07, 2019

2019 Lil' Coalers Crushing Christmas Classic - RESULTS

Once again we had a good showing with a few 1st and 2nd place finishes. We are seeing improvements which is leading to more and more placements in the top 3. Special recognition to our champs and pinners. Mike S. and Drake both finished in 1st place taking home some nice hardware! Sophia and Drake each got a pin while AJ finished with two!

Riley Atzman - 3rd Place

Kaden Cannon - 4th Place

Ian Evers - 4th Place

Nore Figueroa - 3rd Place

Sophia Figueroa - 2nd Place (1 pin)

Brady Hoenig

Riley Hoenig - 4th Place

Stephen Rinaldi - 4th Place

AJ Rocush - 3rd Place (2 pins)

Charlie Schoenemann

Mike Stefancic - 1st Place

Abdallah Sweis - 2nd Place

Drake Ulaszek - 1st Place (1 pin)

Jordan Ulaszek - 3rd Place